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Calibre problems with Kindle Paperwhite Articles and HOW TO use a workaround!!

Hi all,

I seem to have found a bug in the latest Calibre 0.9.3 version. It has to do with downloading news or magazine articles and having calibre convert it into a Kindle article.

For example, I tried downloading MSDN Magazine for this month using a built-in recipe. That works fine. Calibre converted it to the mobi format and then uploaded it to my KPW. Now in my KPW, when I tried opening the article, I got an error: Error: Cannot open this file. If you got it from Amazon, delete it and redownload it from cloud.

That's not the exact wording of the error, because I don't have it anymore, but that's very close to what you'll see.

If you're suffering from this, here's a workaround that I've found.
  1. Click and hold the article name with your finger to get the sub menu for the current item.
  2. You will see the additional menu. On this menu, select: Go To Sections & Articles.
  3. Profit! The article should display fine now and when you go back to it from the home menu, it'll open up just fine, you won't have to invoke the submenu again.

So I don't know if this is a kindle paperwhite issue or an issue with calibre's output of the article, but it's there and will cause a lot of strain for users. Would love to hear from Kovid if he knows anything about this issue. Or perhaps Kindle is to blame, and then you can use this workaround for now.

Hope this helps.
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