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mand began at the beginning.
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Originally Posted by knc1 View Post
That (win-7) will limit how much help I can be, but if willing to take your answers in parts....

Part by me and part by someone else....
Thank you so much - somehow I failed to see this earlier.

Neither can I translate to Win-7; taught myself Win 3.1 but that was back when I had both time and brain.

Yes I have 32 bit!

I will have to have another go tomorrow (barely a half-hour to play, today, and no-brain this evening; see my sig) but

Originally Posted by knc1 View Post
Removing the .001 and .002 was probably the "right thing to do" -
at least that would be my (non-Windows user) guess.
Unless the remaining parts of the filenames where the same.
You need both files present to un-zip a multi-part zip file.

The image files will probably not use the zip compression once they are moved to other hosting.
You would be doing yourself a favor to install 7zip:
Thanks! That's what I needed! Never bothered much with zipping and as I say, this laptop is inherited together with its motley software.

I have never had anything to do with multi-part files so this is Here Be Dragons territory (always fun).

If we're lucky I won't need any more help but can't look at it now. If in trouble again, I'll be back...

Thank you for this leg-up...
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