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Version 0.2

I'm pleased to announce version 0.2 of PRSAnnots, the PDF annotation manager for the Sony PRS-T1 ereader (and maybe others). This version provides new features, including:
  • Cropping PDFs before loading them onto the reader.
  • Previewing PDFs before loading them onto the reader.
  • Better handling of PDF annotations, including an option to fake the highlight annotations.
Additionally, a number of bugs have been fixed.

Those of you following development on Github can pull to get the new version. It's also available as a tarball and a Windows installer.

I've also crated a Google Group for announcements and discussion about PRSAnnots. But don't worry, I also plan to make announcments here as well.

There's still work to be done to improve PRSAnnots. Here's some areas where I could use some help:
  • PDFs on microSD cards. I'm told that this doesn't work right now, but I don't have a microSD card handy to trouble shoot. I expect the card has its own database, and I hope it's the same format as the one on the reader. If so, it should be easy to make this work.
  • The PRS-T2. I'm not sure if PRSAnnots works on the T2 right now. If you have one and can test it, please let me know what happens. Even if it doesn't work, it shouldn't be too hard to fix.
  • pdfloc values for highlighted text. Right now, PRSAnnots tries to find highlighted text by matching the phrase stored in the database. This is error-prone, and it limits highlights to 200 characters or so. There's better information stored in the database as "pdfloc"
    coordinates, but we haven't reverse engineered them yet. The details.
I hope you find this release useful.
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