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Hi folks I really hope you can help me with one or two details, or I have to spend on a new Kindle and I really prefer the keyboard so that's the K3 which is the most expensive... I am not well either so please make it REALLY basic meaning EMBARRASSINGLY basic!!

I'm using Windows 7 on a laptop.

-- Following the debrick method at ( me being a noob and all). Step 3 says:
'When installing on a Win 64bit system it is possible that the USB drivers needed for this process will not install. The easiest option is to utilize a Windows 32bit system instead. '
How do I utilise a Win 32 bit system? (Don't laugh.)

-- Next... I don't know (don't laugh) how to unzip files that don't end with .zip. I inherited this laptop (wouldn't have moved to Win7 for years otherwise) and WinRAR comes up, not something I'm used to. The mmcblk0p1 files needed are .zip.001 and .zip.002. I did try renaming with an extra .zip extension, didn't work. Then I thought of taking the .001 off before trying to unzip, would that be silly? Also I tried to download them again but now the download page gives me 'The file you attempted to download is an archive that is damaged or possibly encrypted. ' and wants me to have a premium account. Is this something I did (trying to re-download) or something I can avoid?

So let me know what I need to tell you for you to explain to me... and many thanx in advance.
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