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My Paperwhite unit finally arrived on Friday (I ordered the day they were announced). I'm fairly happy with it, though the smudgy-ness at the bottom of the screen bothers me quite a bit, and I have my doubts I'm going to get used to it. I don't want to sound like an Apple zombie, but I keep thinking that it's the sort of issue that somebody like a Steve Jobs would never have been satisfied to allow to go into actual production. My previous Kindle was (is) a third generation keyboard model. I find these newer touch screens feel "cheaper" in terms of build quality. I don't have the multi-color issue some are reporting, but the lighting does have a blue cast to it and I would not describe it as "white" at all...still it does improve the contrast especially in low light conditions. The tech is "almost" there, someday this model will be looked back as transitional once the lighting is perfected. I had looked forward to a more paperback-book like Palatino font, but it's too thin and I still stick to the defaults.
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