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Originally Posted by vice-versa View Post
not at all the concerns you expressed here, but still a dictionnary concern : I'm French and learned (very very long ago) German, but I never have the occasion to use that language, I'm, say, a bit rusty. I'd like to read in German now with my reader (finding german paper books to read in my lost countryside is just impossible ), I'd like to have a German-French dictionnary.

So first question : as it's not implemented for now in the Glo, is it possible to add one, if yes, by what means ?

Second question : if the answer to the first question is no, as I set the main language of my Glo to "French" and as the Glo as a built-in German-English dictionnary, is it possible to have, at least, a german-to-english translation with French kept set as main language ?

I don't want to buy a german speaking book if I can't look for words I don't understand...
We are exactly in the same case : French ( Brittany ) wanting to read German books and needing German/French dictionary.

I'm now with Kobo 2.1.5 and still no such dictionary.

I must use the "Deutsch-English" from the Kobo, but I could buy one "Deutsch-Français" if possible ( but alas, not possible )

I find many free epub german popular books ( Science fiction, crime, western from 1890-1920 ) here :

But many other are available on Gutenberg :ücherregal
For Vice-Versa ( and me, of course ) it's better to begin with children books like "Max und Moritz" ( Wilhelm Busch ) :ücherregal)
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