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whats about the (not) font-embedding with AWP? I was asked a few days ago from a guy with very bad eyes for an ebook WITHOUT any font embedding - he uses only sansserif-fonts and want to set his font on his reader for himself.
When I produce an epub in AWP without the option "embed fonts" is anyhow a reference of the in doc-used font in the styles.css - in the p-tag (font-family:"Times New Roman",serif; ) - and if other fonts are used - in the t-tags (.t7{font-family:"Courier New",monospace; or .t10{font-family:"Palatino Linotype",serif} there are still the Info about other fonts.
And this pevents that he can change the font in his reader. I tested it with coolreader on PC, with my own PB touch - when I manually delete the text in the text, it works...

Is it possible, when the embed-option is switched off, to reduce the info in the css - that I must no manually delete it?

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