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Originally Posted by Serapeum View Post
I've never managed to get Moon+ Reader Pro syncing across devices, despite having the DropBox option enabled. Is there some specific sequence you have to follow to get the updated location opened by the second device?
No, but if the books are stored with different names, they won't sync up. I had this happen to me -- one device had books that I had grabbed from Calibre using FBReader's plugin, and one I grabbed them directly with Moon+. They didn't sync up at all. When I deleted the FBReader version on the one device and grabbed it with Moon+, it was all good.

Incidentally, I've removed the Calibre integration from my list of things I care about -- it was annoying not being able to get my books when I was away from home, so I put my Calibre library on Dropbox, and now I can just open books up from Dropbox and import them into Moon+.

I tried out that new Fabrik reader, but its ePub rendering is terrible, so.
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