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Getting into trouble: Providing the Glo OS partitions for USB mounting

Edit: Bah! ignore my ramblings... George T set me straight quickly.
If you do this, there is no sync between the flash and the file-system. (writing from you computer probably won't line up with what the Kobo writes.)


So, you want to mount the Glo's OS partition as well as the FAT drive?
(mostly for linux users because the OS is an ext4 partition)

If you mount the root or backup partitions and delete or edit the wrong files, you may brick your device.
This will also expose the production data at the start of the flash memory...

After you add telnet, ftp or dropbear (, you'll have scripts that run at startup, something like /etc/init.d/rcS2, or /mnt/onboard/ depending on the guide you used.

Add these lines to the startup script:

insmod /drivers/ntx508/usb/gadget/arcotg_udc.ko
insmod /drivers/ntx508/usb/gadget/g_file_storage.ko file=/dev/mmcblk0 stall=0

When you plug your device into your computer select "Cancel" on the "Computer Detected" popup because the devices are already set up for mounting.

The FAT partition still mounts in Windows.

I'm not sure if this drains the battery any faster. Kobo didn't use the drivers like this for *some* reason

The rootfs (generally the partition currently running) is the first partition, the second is the recoveryfs, and the third is the FAT drive.

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