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Device: Nook SimpleTouch w/ GlowLight
I've always been a bit rough with my electronics. My old SimpleTouch Nook fell off a ski lift into the snow around a rocky area and didn't work when I picked it back up (unsurprisingly). I bought a GlowLight to replace it.

So far my only complaints about the GlowLight were present when I bought it. The text doesn't seem as dark or sharp as it did on the regular one and there's more variation in darkness/width. One of the bezels seems to dip down a bit in the middle, but I saw that in other ones so I assumed it wasn't just mine..

But I haven't treated it with kid gloves and nothing worse has happened in the several months I've had it. Granted I do keep it in a Neoprene case most of the time, but it's taken at least one minor drop from the carseat to the floor of the car with no issues.

Maybe it's more fragile than other eReaders out there, but so long as it's sturdy enough to withstand everyday stuff given that the basics (like a case) are taken care of I think that's sufficient.

It meets those criteria in my opinion but I can't speak for everyone else.
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