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Originally Posted by uebyn View Post
I'm wondering: why did you switch to ebooks? Have you forgotten the pleasure of books browsing, or is the e-book experience comparable to that of the old-school experience? Or has convenience displaced experience?
Taken me years to work up to my first e-reader mainly because they've mostly been pretty crap in the past. They're not much better now but I gave up on waiting and bought a Kobo Glo a few weeks ago. At least the price has come down a bit and it was less than 100.

Over the past years much of my book browsing has been online. The choice on almost any subject is far greater. I like to read people's reviews of books and these days you can even preview them, all from the comfort of my own home any time of day or night.

This doesn't, however, stop me from browsing in book shops too when I have the time and certainly intend to buy more paper books, particularly those of a graphical nature.

I switched simply because I knew there was a huge range of books out there for free and I tend not to read books on my PC. So far I've not been disappointed and I've recouped the price of my e-reader many times over already.

The e-book experience is better in some ways, worse in others. Worse is that you can't just flip through the pages of a whole book like you can with paper.

Better is that you can change the font size, font face, line spacing to your liking. Your pages are automatically book marked when you close the book and you can put other book marks or highlight text even write notes and delete them.

You can look up words in the dictionary with just one touch and you can carry hundreds or even thousands of book around with you for no extra weight. I could never decide which books to take out with me, usually took a bunch which weighed a ton. Now I can take all of them in my pocket.

My reader also has chess and Sudoku included should I not feel like reading. You can browse the web. And if they'd made it with a proper OS (Android or Linux), a bigger screen, and a headphone jack then it's functionality would have been greatly expanded.

E-books use virtually no resources compared to their paper counterparts which appeals to my environmental conscience.

I see E-books as the future, the latest step in the information technology revolution. I think the take up so far has been down to the gross overpricing of e-books but that's something I think will change in the near future.
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