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One of the great promises with e-books is that the price of books will be much, much lower than paperbacks. It's obvious really - a typical e-book is little more than a large web page. The price of production (excluding the writing) is practically nothing when compared the the long assembly line of producing a paper book. This begins in the forest growing then cutting down cut down trees, the cost of a designer, printing, transport costs as the book is moved from place to place to end up in a shop and finally bought or posted out to you.

However I've been dismayed at how little this big difference has been reflected in the pricing of e-books generally. This is a massive rip off of customers, insulting to their intelligence that they don't notice.

I want e-books to be sold at a price that reflects their true value. Because of that I would not pay more than a paper book for an e-book because if sellers can get these grossly inflated prices they will do.
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