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Originally Posted by GRiker View Post
From the Calibre + iDevices sticky:

I don't want calibre to recognize my iDevice
If you would prefer that calibre ignore any connected iDevices, disable the Apple device interface in Preferences|Plugins|Device Interface plugins.
I think your solution works:

- I disabled the Apple plugin
- I disconnected the Kindle, and immediately Calibre recognized the iPhone. Yikes!
- I checked in Preferences again, and the Apple plugin was indeed disabled.
- I disconnected and reconnected the iPhone; it was still being recognized
- I left the iPhone connected, and closed Calibre entirely, then restarted it.
- The iPhone was no longer recognized.
- I disconnected and reconnected the iPhone, it still isn't recognized by Calibre, but iTunes acknowledges it
- I connected the Kindle. Calibre doesn't recognize it either. Yikes!
- I disconnected and reconnected the Kindle, now it recognizes it.
- I now have both devices plugged in, with the iPhone having been plugged in first. iTunes recognized the phone, Calibre recognizes the Kindle. That's the desired result.


Now I'll go and make a contribution to Calibre

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