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Originally Posted by Booxtor View Post
We tried to sell naked devices - less than 1% chooses them. The rest prefer whole equipment (even if the price doesn't look competitive). The way to split the scope of delivery purposely, just to be equal with competitors, is not really usere friendly. I would never suggest to buy ereader without cover. Two years ago I bought a Sony PRS650 (without WiFi) for 229 and they offered covers separately for 69, but I did not heard a lot of complains the price was too high - in opposite Sony had got problems to satisfy the demand.

Politics of satisfying of bargain hunting people is just bad. Following this politics how can we develop something special, offer good support if we permanently have to slash our staff, lower the quality etc..
We know we cannot compete with content selling companies w.r.t. their prices for hardware. But I don't think Amazon will keep developing of a proper reading device for professionals, students, engineers since they are reading mostly different stuff as Amazons target customers. We hope to do that eventually.
I'm not referring to "bargain hunting people" neither is the article. It just states that it the device needs to stay competitive. Sure you can't compete with the Kindle as Amazon is losing approx. 10 USD on every device, but 200 EUR! That's insane...Now, I believe in a free market and that you should have every right to sell you product at any price you want, but I and other don't think it's really that compelling of an offer.
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