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Calibre recognizes the wrong device

I have a Kindle 2 and an iPhone. I do *not* use the iPhone as an e-reader. I will soon start using a Kindle PW in addition to my Kindle 2.

My question is: how can I set up Calibre to simply recognize the reader that is plugged in, and to ignore my iPhone? Right now, this does not work, and I have to resort to annoying workarounds.

In Calibre's preferences menu, I have set Calibre to ignore the iPhone, and I have Kindle format as the default output format. I'd expect that as a result, Calibre would ignore the iPhone, and communicate with the Kindle when it is plugged in.

However, when both devices are connected to my computer, Calibre will only recognize the device that was connected first.

'Ejecting' the iPhone through the Calibre menu will make it go away, but it will not cause Calibre to recognize the Kindle, which is still connected.

Physically disconnecting the iPhone leads to the same result: Calibre believes that the Kindle is not connected.

Dis- and reconnecting the Kindle helps sometimes, but usually it does not.

Effectively, this means that I can only stop Calibre from recognizing the iPhone when the Kindle is connected first, and if I ever charge or synch my iPhone without the Kindle being connected, Calibre will not recognize my Kindle anymore, until I quite Calibre and restart it.

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