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Ebook validation problem

Hi everyone!

Please pretty please can someone help me! I'm creating my first ever ebook and have managed to convert one from the InDesign files. I've got an ISBN, I've made an imprint page, I've linked the footnotes, I've created a cover, then I've run it through the ePub validation program and rectified all the errors ...

All except ONE!

Can anyone help me!?

Here is the error message I am receiving:

ERROR OEBPS/Text/Chapter3notes.xhtml 33 121 'footnote3-10c': fragment identifier is not defined in 'OEBPS/Text/Chapter3.xhtml'

The line it refers to in Chapter3notes:
<p class="basic-paragraph" xml:lang="en-gb"><a id="footnote3-10"></a><a href="../Text/Chapter3.xhtml#footnote3-10c">10</a> Beeld, 24 September 2009.</p>

And the line that line links to (In Chapter3):

<p class="main-text" xml:lang="en-gb" xmlns:xml=""><span class="no-style-override-8">Zwelinzima Vavi, the Cosatu General Secretary, roundly rejected the plan. He said that it reflected Ďa massive turf battle in Cabinetí.</span><span class="no-style-override-8"><sup><a href="../Text/Chapter3notes.xhtml#footnote3-10">10</a></sup></span> <span class="no-style-override-8">

Thanks so much!!!

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