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Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
To convert a PDF to an ePub, you have to pick some program to do the conversion. No program will do the PDF > ePub without errors. Not even Adobe Acrobat can do it error free. Then you have to take the resulting ePub and A/B compare the text 100% to make sure no errors get past due to the conversion. And finally, you have to then format the ePub.

That is a lot of work and the larger the PDF, the more work it is. A/B comparing can be rather tedious.

To convert a Word document, you have to save it as filtered HTML. Then you convert it to ePub and remove all of the garbage that Word put in and that too can sometimes be a lot of work. You have to edit the CSS and remove everything that's not needed and should not be there. Also, there can be garbage in the XML files as well that needs to go or be modified.

As for the DRM, I can have the DRM stripped from your ePub in the time it takes for Calibre to store the ePub in it's database.
What is the recommended format that I should ask the publishers to provide the content to me in? InDesign?

Originally Posted by susan_cassidy View Post
You won't be able to, with the major publishers, who will probably not be interested in a niche bookstore, anyway.

I fail to see what value you are adding, if you use standard DRM and format. There is no need to have a bookstore integrated with an app. If you can control what books are available via the app, the app will be of limited usefulness, and not desirable to users.
Its like having all Christian e-books in one app, anyone who will be interested in buying christian e-books can goto my bookstore and and buy them and read them via my app.

Long term plan is for me to even become distributor of physical books for them so that I can distribute all formats of books. I feel that will automatically bring traffic.

I can further details on my plans, however point here is that I need info help on the questions asked in the first post, not reasons why I should or should not take this project forward. As I have made this decision after discussing it with many people who are in this industry and they are willing to move forward.
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