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Originally Posted by dordale View Post
Jeff--First of all thanks very much for posting this!!

I'm trying to use the PRS Customizer, but I keep coming up with an error message.

According to my reader, I'm able to create the image successfully (5--make a new image); but when I go to the next step (6--flash the image) I always get the following error: "Error while flashing partition! It is recommended to switch to recovery mode and use Sony flasher to flash a stock image." I can then exit to the menu and my Reader still works but hasn't been updated.

I previously ran used the Universal Flash Updater 2.0 provided by Igorsk with the additional files provided by Gwynevans. I was able to run this successfully--only thing that I couldn't get to "take" were the new icons.

I would appreciate any pointers or suggestions on what I might try to get the updater to work successfully. I'd like to have the new icons and the identifying text. Also, right now my clock is a little messed up (left digit not showing completely) and I think Jeff's update fixes this.

Thanks for any help!!!

I think I know what you might have done. My icons didn't take the first time either because I saved the thumbnail instead of the actual picture. Moving onto the the bigger issue. That error you get is expected now because of a bug in the flasher. You need to use the option to put the reader into firmware update mode, then remove the card. You need to download the sony firmware flasher again if you didnt save it before, connect the reader with a usb cord, and run it. After this is done, pop the sd card back in, flash with the usual options and you're golden.

TLDR Version: redo the firmware first before running the flasher more than once.
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