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Originally Posted by sirmaru View Post
I never said that anyone had halucinations if they saw color blobs. Halucinations can only be seen by a single person and are definitely in one's mind.

In contrast, illusions can be seen exactly the same by large groups and can even be photographed. They are caused by distortions of light common in desert areas and large snow and ice areas. The flying saucer detections were samples of illusions. Many folks even published photos of the flying saucers.

Illusions can be seen in photos and halucinations cannot.
If you look up the definition of "illusion" you get: "something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality." (

This isn't an "illusion" because it is a physical trait that IS reality.

Those who are color blind or have a vision disorder do not see them due to their disorder. This doesn't mean those who have good vision are seeing illusions, it means the vision disorders/color blindness is causing reality to be invisible to those with the vision issues.

Also, by the way, here are some synonyms of "illusion" :
Originally Posted by
apparition, bubble*, chimera, confusion, daydream, deception, delusion, dj vu, error, fallacy, false impression, fancy, fantasy, figment of imagination, fool's paradise, ghost, hallucination, head trip, hocus-pocus, idolism, ignus fatuus, image, invention, make-believe, mirage, misapprehension, misbelief, misconception, misimpression, mockery, myth, optical illusion, paramnesia, phantasm, pipe dream, rainbow*, seeming, semblance, trip*, virtual reality
Note that "hallucination" is included.
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