Thread: PRS-505 How to re-enable 'Go To'?
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How to re-enable 'Go To'?

Many moons ago, back in 2008 when we bought our PRS-505s, I installed some software that I'm sure I read about here which enabled me to put my contact details on the front page, turn the device off using the volume control and other features. One of those features was the ability to disable the Go To facility which my wife did as she kept catching the number keys with her fingers when she was reading.

Time has moved on, my wife us now using a Kindle, we both have Kindle PWs on order and I'd like to pass on the PRS-505s to my daughter and her partner. Before I do so I'd like to re-enable Go To. Trouble is all we've done with the readers is use them since then so the changes are lost in the mists of time - I have no idea what the software was or how to configure it and Googling for a while this morning hasn't turned anything up (I found PRS+ but I don't think that was it).

Does what I did sound familiar to you and, if it does, could you tell me what the software was called or point me to instructions on how to configure it please?


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