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Originally Posted by xendula View Post
Can you guys please tell me which numbers you can see in the below picture?

What shape do you see in the below picture? (none, dog, boat, ballooon or car)

This is in no way meant to insult anybody. I am just trying to understand why some of us look at a screen and find it full of rainbows, while others find it perfectly offwhite or grey.
I see a 5 in the top and a boat in the second. And I am one of those people who do not see the pinks, blues, or blobs, and in fact have not seen them in other pics posted by people who said they have colors and blobs everywhere. I am REALLY starting to think this is just a perception issue and not an issue with the PW itself. I just think that some people are going to see these colors and blobs, period, while others just will not.
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