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Originally Posted by susan_cassidy View Post
Why would you need to create your own app? Ebooks come in 2 standard formats, Kindle (.mobi) and ePub. There are lots of apps that can read those formats already.

You say "I will take on the responsibility with getting the publishers to provide me the e-book version of the books", but if the publishers create an ebook, why would they need you to make it available, when they can send it to Amazon and/or B&N, etc.

People's ereaders will not be able to access the books if you create your own DRM or format, and they will not like that. You would be missing a vast amount of the market.
May be you misunderstood, I will use the standard ePub format, However I would create a app where ePub formatted books will be read, I just want to create different than iBookstore and Kindle, so instead of giving 30% to Apple, I will take lower percentage from the publishers, as an incentive.

Also, because at my e-book store will carry same category books, and as some major publishers will help me with marketing, I feel it will be good to have a separate niche category marketplace, and it might help in cross sales.

As I said, I will be using same standard ePub and DRM in market so hopefully compatibility will not be a issue.
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