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Originally Posted by 9littlebees View Post
Well, that software would definitely help, but again, I would hesitate to recommend a 6 inch eInk reader specifically for viewing comics.

I've read some comics electronically in the past, but did so on my widescreen PC monitor, which at 24 inches could comfortably display two pages without needing to zoom.

I also have a ton of PDFs (mainly photography books from Craft & Vision, but also some roleplaying supplements) which I would love to view on a portable device, but they are just too difficult to get working well on my Glo, so I will either continue to use my PC monitor, or maybe splash out on a cheap Chinese 10 inch tablet, Christmas funds permitting.

Anyway, I will use your recommended application on some free CBR / CBZ comics I have, to see what difference removing the borders makes on the Glo, but from my perspective:

(1) I will never read in landscape mode because it is not implemented well;
(2) Comics with lots of / small text are still going to be difficult to read.

I'll try to do this sometime this week and post my results and some photos here. Hopefully this will give you a good idea of why I wouldn't recommend an eInk reader.
Thank you! Theoretically with this software only for certain manga the size of the text would be close at the original ones. I belive that manga and eink is awesome, it is natively in black and white and it have a great appeal to me. but for other kind of "books", like photography books wich have great colors and PDF format, I totally agree, we need another kind of device. also for USA comics because they are in some kind of A4 format (maybe not exactly A4 but bigger than a classic manga). maybe one day if engineers will produce a great eink color will be different, with a very good "pdf reflow" feature. "maybe" that will be good also on a 6 inch. I do not know but I hope yes!
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