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Unhappy Re: Jetbook Color & Windows CE

One other point, having paid nearly $500 for this device as an eReader, one should reasonably expect a little more polish and forethought in the OS and applications available. If I hadn't wanted a color eReader, I could have bought a very good midrange laptop for the same price!

Originally Posted by Ken Maltby View Post
First, thanks for the info Ken. Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer or engineer, so I wouldn't have the first idea how to start a project like this. I'd love to be able to, after more than a dozen years and at least that many eReaders, I've a pretty good idea of how the GUI should look and work. So many makers have come moderately close, but none of them have gotten it right yet.

Thanks again,

Originally Posted by ProDigit View Post
I don't know if ectaco is still working on OS upgrades.
The device is limited, but not much more than many other e-book readers out there.
In fact, it has a lot more options than many readers!

Many ebook readers have the Windows CE os.
Hi ProDigit, and to you as well, thanks for the reply.

As I mentioned above I've had eReaders for a dozen years and at least a dozen eReaders during that period, and I know what I like as a reader. Of all those I've owned, this is my first encounter with WinCE, and as I stated, for the JBC, it's pretty poor.
  1. Almost no user options;
  2. limited font choice;
  3. no choices in how to display menus/libraries;
  4. no user configurable startup/shutdown logos; and
  5. changing the defaults is impossible.
And this is just a quick off-the-cuff list of it's failings. Not good. Sure, the other eReaders out there are limited, but not as badly as the JBC. You would think that by now, with Amazon, B&N, Kobo and all the other eReader competitors out there that one of them would ask us, the users, what we want to see! The things I'd like to see are all out there in one form or another, someone just has to amalgamate them into a single device!

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