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Originally Posted by Haesslich View Post
They're thinking of ePub comic books, like the ones sold by Kobo; comics like "The Walking Dead" and similar are very large ePub files which only have graphics... and no, you can't read ePubs in landscape mode on the Kobo.

And while you can read comics in landscape mode... it's not optimal. If you want to turn pages while zoomed, you'll be best served using the arrow keys, which means a bar at the bottom with the slider and arrow/double-arrow buttons.

As I also said elsewhere, and as 9littlebees has said, if you want to read comics landscape... the Glo isn't the best options. Nor is any 5-6" eInk screen, for that matter; the pages are too small when in landscape mode if you're viewing the full image for a two-page spread, or else you have to scroll too much if it's just a one-page spread.

You want to do two pages in landscape? Get a 9-10" tablet.
For splitting images there is this free software wich many in Italy say is very good and the developer is italian (maybe I will try a donation if it works well): here is the FAQ

You can download this version if you want because I read that the last one have some bug:

I'm tryng it now and it have removed the white corner in all the images, it do all in automatic giving a folder (processing the whole images). And also split double images in two and display the right order of pages (right to left for manga, and left to right for comics), and I belive it do many other things it should be all written into the FAQ.

Example of single image did now by me

Before (with corner, look at the line wich I track)


After processing (without)


Example of double image




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