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Originally Posted by digitaltrix View Post
Thanks Rhikodoo4 & others, I guess it is not altogether bad but I am a little confused by some of the explanations regarding the term "articles?"
I am not sure what you meant by downloading all the notes in one "article" perhaps it has something to do with the Sony T2, please explain?
I see I was not consequent in the terms I used. In this case I meant "downloading all notes in one notebook". In the rest of my reply note/article are used simultaneously.

I suppose keeping everything you mentioned here, I am really quite sure the T2 would need to use just one notebook that can be set aside for light reading and regular deletions & maintenance for T2 reading purposes only.
I know I mentioned 1000 notes, it appears I was wrong...I've actually got all my notes in one notebook right now (I'm a messy guy need to categorize but no time) and they are actually 3,624 notes!
So quite a lot.
Well the idea that it takes 5 mins for 100 notes is not a good thing but as I mentioned earlier I guess a separate light notebook for T2 use would be good although I'm not clear if they have a download headers option only?

This is like email programs where you only download each note's title and then can use a search feature or skim through list to pick and choose which ones to fully download to your system. I know header download option is available for Evernote app-=iPhone.

And as for the dolphin plugin thanks trocchietto, I would agree there are many, many other ways to do this but I wanted to know particularly how Evernote option shines or in this case, barely flickers for the T2 this year
I was thinking all sorts of awesome ideas, like being able to use an SD card for downloading my Evernote notebooks, pop in and read when I like...serves me right for being in dream land..Sony is really funny how they approach their different products..sometimes I wonder how I would deal with it if I was stuck in a department like eReaders vs their laptop/tv display departments lol
No, it needs to download all articles completely. I didn't use a mini-SD card yet, but I don't think extra options will be available. So for now the Evernote app is fun and useful in some cases. But I agree that it would be nice to do a lot more with it.
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