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Originally Posted by Trauma Doll View Post
The funny thing is how few "Pics of *good* Paperwhites" actually exist in this thread, given the title. You'd think people would be rushing to prove us wrong. (I mean, it's not that much more effort than randomly telling strangers on the internet that their opinion is invalid.)

So if you think we're all just nitpicking, do the following:

1) Turn your PW up to max light level in a dimly-lit room. (No significant external lighting, no sunlight.)

2) Take a photo with your phone with no flash, with the light setting present on-screen (so we can see you have it on 24)

3) Attach it to a message in this thread

Trust me, if you have a unit with no pink and green/blue or obvious unevenness, many of us would love to see it and/or will be quite jealous.

We've already seen sirmaru's and we know his has color blobs.
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I see no blobs, no pink or blue in my PW. I do see the shadowing at the bottom caused by the LED spacing. Otherwise, my PW is perfect to my eyes.

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