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e-book App / reader suggestion needed

Hi All,

I have taken on a big project, which I am trying my best to complete. I own a bookstore, however in the niche book category that I work in, not a lot of publishers are going towards e-books market. I am trying to change that and I have come up with a idea. I will take on the responsibility with getting the publishers to provide me the e-book version of the books.

I will create a e-book marketplace within my existing website, where people will be able to purchase e-books as a digital purchase, instead of them getting the file download, they will get instructions to download the app in android or iOS marketplace. There I will create a app which will be Kindle style app, which will be connected to my bookstore, where I will be selling ebooks. Once they login using same credentials as website, they will be able to see the purchases there.

1- I want to know what kind of things (Security wise) I should be worried about, so people can not have access to any of the files on my website.

2- Should I use DRM if not how can I convince Publishers. If Yes, which is the best DRM to go with? What are opinions about using Opendrive?

3- I use opensource PHP shopping cart, any security issues I need to worry about.

4- Hosted on VPS (with strong firewall) that only allows certain IP address on ports (FTP, cPanel etc)

5- If my publishers provide me data in InDesign / Word / PDF please provide me info on how to convert that into ePub.

Thank you everyone for all your feedback in advance, I am more than happy to provide more details if needed to get the right feedback.
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