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greens began at the beginning.
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Hey friends listen to this story, yesterday I wrote at the Kobo Team (service care) to ask those question, I belive it was before I came here to open this topic.

Well I wish to show the incongruences.

I wrote

Hello dear Kobo crew,

Can I ask to you few questions if it is possible?

1) Can the Kobo Glo be used in Landscape Mode while reading cbr/cbz files? I need it to read comics.

2) And can be hide all the instrument bars for reading comics and manga in real full screen mode when reading cbr/cbz files (also for comics and manga)?

Thanks a lot for your great kindness!

by Greens

The Answer

Hello Greens
Thank you for contacting Kobo customer care.

Comics are mostly for the Kobo Vox and for apple devices. There are very few, if any comic books that will work on an eReader.
Also, our eReaders unfortunately do not have the ability to go into landscape mode.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

Looking forward to your response
The Kobo Team
So they do not know that Kobo Glo (fortunately, otherwise I would not bought) can go in landscape mode?
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