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Originally Posted by shanghaichica View Post
I always thought Barnes and Noble were really big in the US. I guess not then. I will have to see the device in the flesh to pass judgement but from all the videos/pics I've seen the PW was acceptable to me. The Nook glow looked much worse in comparison. However my eye sight is not the best and I never really had a problem with the kindle lighted cases either
Not to misunderstand me, the main idea wasn`t to compare who`s bigger (more important), but to outline that each company must take consequences for their deeds. The bigger the company, probably the bigger the consequences (user complaints).

I live outside US, and I`ve never heard of "Barnes & Noble" before, while I definitely do know of "Amazon" Not that it has to mean anything, but just pointing out... Reading the same ad on those two sites probably wouldn`t have the same effect on me, as I would expect more from Amazon just because I heard of them.

Now, I am to blame because of my expectations, but if those are heavily supported by the advertisement I read, and really not met in the end (not even near?), that might be a problem that a company needs to think about, for its own sake. And advertisement surely involves the human psychology. Disappointing users is not a really smart thing to be done, I guess?

Ads are meant to create that feeling of expectation, make it grow until people just need to buy something, but if in the end people are not satisfied and start returning the product (and complaining all over the place), then it looks either over-advertised, or under-delivered. Either way, it seems like a problem that company needs to take into consideration.
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