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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
The light evenness issue, specifically. By its very nature, this type of lighting system is not going to give as even a level of illumination as a backlit LCD does. Perhaps that's what some people were expecting from it?
^^ Might be, but isn`t that what was promised to the people, causing thousands to pre-order (without being able to see the PW in person)? This is what was (and still is) posted on Amazon`s site, in PW product description:

Perfectly Balanced Whiteness
We worked on Kindle Paperwhite for over two years to perfect the uniformity of the built-in light, flattening out a fiber optic cable into a sheet, and nanoimprinting to ensure perfectly even distribution of light. Our design uses nanoscale optical diffractive patterns to enable tight control over the direction of the light. Enjoy reading with exceptional lighting uniformity and evenly balanced whiteness across the entire display.
How many times they used word "perfect" and "white" in this text? Now... what, users actually expected PW to be perfect, or at least evenly white? Shame on users.

We all know better than to believe the ads, but I don`t think we can actually blame people here for pre-ordering - buying something that was promised to be as it is said (perfect, evenly white) - because they couldn`t see it in their hands before they actually got it - when they realized that it is waaaay below what was promised.

To get it clear - PW might be the best there is at the moment (might not, maybe Kobo is better), and it probably is much, much better experience than using a flashlight - but it is not what was sad to be, what made people give their money for it - and that`s why all the disappointment.

There are happy users, and that`s great. But those that feel defrauded are to be understood, too, as that is what happened - they gave money for the promised device (as a promise was the only thing they had prior pre-ordering), and they got something else.

p.s. And I`m not even talking about the bottom shadows (which still weren`t expected, but might be tolerable), but of "rainbow" blotches and shadows that appear across the entire screen. Yes, that might be the best that was achievable at the moment - but Amazon didn`t advertise it like that. They aimed for perfection, in order to get as many pre-orders as possible (and probably take out a good part of otherwise Kobo Glo buyers), and now they experience the consequences of being greedy. If they played it fair, much more people would be satisfied - but they would probably have much less pre-orders...

Ok, if you don`t like it, you`re free to return it, and you`ll get your money back. That makes them not being a thief, but it doesn`t make them less a liar. They clearly made a mistake - either in their advertising strategy, or in their design - and they should just admit it, learn from it, and see how to make is as painless as possible. That way they might regain some of the trust their loyal users had in them.

In the end, everyone can make a mistake - but not everyone is willing to admit it. And that makes all the difference.

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