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Originally Posted by Papi View Post
@greens : with a CBZ file (PDF handling is different), if I switch to landscape, the lower half of your image would take the whole screen (kind of "fit to width'"), and that is the minimal zoom so I can't get what your image shows. Also, again from full screen, I can't scroll to the top of the image which makes it unusable for me, but maybe I missed something. Gestures to go to next / previous pages work, but I found no way to get to the upper half of the page.
The resolution is good enough for regular size mangas to be read in portrait mode (for me at least) anyway.
Thanks a lot @Papi. I hope to not get lost in translation again. Well @9littlebees explained to me in PM this trick, that I really wish to share. I quote him at the end of my post, so you can try to find out a way.

When putting the Glo in landscape mode, you get the full width of the book, so you can only see the top half. When it is in landscape mode, you actually cannot move the comic up or down, unless you zoom in first.

You can only drag an image around if you have first zoomed in, even if only a little bit.
@Papi so I have understand that if you zoom a little bit you can scroll the whole image top down. I hope that I have understand well what @9littlebees was explain to me, because my level of realizing things in english in not that great level... I mean... XD by the way! friends! and thanks for your help!
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