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Grey Imports are Legal in EU

Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
Goods are priced differently for different markets, and many publishers do print cheap editions of books for markets like India and, presumably, Thailand, too. If these "grey imports" were permitted (they have long been ruled to be illegal in the EU) the result would be that the publisher would stop printing these editions, and it would be poor countries that would suffer as a result.
There have been nummerous anti-trust lawsuit and massive fine paids expecially by the car producers within the EU as the tried to stop so called "Grey Imports" expecially between different EU countries. This happend as taxes on cars are quit different within the EU, especally between the large car producers (Germany, France, Italy) and the non car producing nothern countries (Danemark, Netherlands), which made quite a differnce in the before tax price, and as the after tax price (is only paid if you use the car locally, there is quite a marked to reimport cars especially to Germany). Also the same pricinble goes between EU and non EU counties, but here is the power of th EU Commison not so strong, as the manufacureres can force the reseller in the third country in a binding contract not to resell to the EU, and as long as the local third (not EU) country allows this the EU can not files suit.
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