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A. B. Syed has learned how to read e-booksA. B. Syed has learned how to read e-booksA. B. Syed has learned how to read e-booksA. B. Syed has learned how to read e-booksA. B. Syed has learned how to read e-booksA. B. Syed has learned how to read e-booksA. B. Syed has learned how to read e-booksA. B. Syed has learned how to read e-books
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Originally Posted by piperclassique View Post
That is seriously expensive coffee. FWIW I think a short story ought to be priced in proportion, so if a three hundred page book cost say five whatevers, a fifteen page short story by the same author would be worth five per cent of that, plus a little bit for the admin involved in selling it. So .25 whatevers sounds about right to me.
Of course, if i have never heard of the author and there aren't any reviews going, I might decide to wait and see if a short story comes up free, or a full sized book not free, but with a worthwhile sample size available. After all, it isn't as if I'm short of something to read.
I take your point about the work, but buying a book by an unknown author is a bit like saying to say, a decorater "choose what colour you paint the walls, and how well you do the job, and I will pay you up front whether I like the result or not."
So, sorry, but the first book I buy from an indie has to be cheap or I just won't be buying it.
Hi PiperClassique, I've taken a long while to reply to this because the thing is, I don't agree with it and I was thinking about what to say.

Yesterday I found out that Amazon are in a pricing war with some of the major publishers and Sony (I think). Because of this, a lot of mainstream books by very popular authors are being sold for 20p.

And because of this I've 'discovered' International best-selling master storyteller (taken from his website) Ken Follett.

Now, the thing is, I'm not bothered how many people have bought his books from the New York Times' bestseller lists, I've only just heard of him yesterday - for me, a new author.

There are a lot of excellent reviews for his works and his books are eagerly awaited, but I've never read that sort of historical novel before and am quite apprehensive about buying the novel - even if it is on sale for 20p. I don't think I'll like it and will have wasted the time invested in the purchase, even if the actual cash is negligible. A view further concentrated when I read the sample. It would have been like my foray into 'chick lit' - a nasty episode that I'm trying hard to forget.

So my point is, that the price is just one of the things i look at when choosing to buy. Read the reviews, yes, try the sample. Then decide.

Otherwise, I've happily bought a book which arrived today which was 'Miss Pettigrew lives for a day' for 7 something. Never heard of Winifred Watson, book written in 1938, but i'm really looking forward to reading it and can't wait for bedtime

And my other point was, we've all read pages and pages of tripe, and one or two lines of the most beautiful prose that stops your heart and has you humming for the rest of the day. So, I try to avoid buying my words by the kilo.

Hope that was not too hectoring or lecturing or pompous.
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