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Aluratek Libre Air

After some years of using my Ectaco Jetbook, I couldn't resist and bought a new Aluratek Libre Air online for a few bucks.

Man, what a great (little) ereader it is! I still think the lcd screens of the jetbooks/libres are far superior to any E-ink screen. I just can not get used to teh annoying flashing of the screen I get when flipping a page. I tried one of those, but sold my E-ink reader after a short while...

The Libre Air really feels like a nice upgrade of the Jetbook! The optical D-Pad works great, wifi works flawlessly, the kobo bookstore is nice, the android like buttons (home/back/menu) are handy and the GUI is intuitive.
I am very satisfied with it and will use it as my main ereader. I gave my Jetbook to my wife.
If you can find it (cheap), buy it! You won't regret it.

One question: I am looking for some way that I can use the build in browser to go go to any other website than Kobo. Is this possible? Any firmwareupgrade or workaround that can do this?
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