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Originally Posted by twobob View Post
erotica pic

um. yeah. that's not okay.

I just recommended one of these to a person with small children who read and will in all probability end up with the device.

Even if you can/oneday limit this via "Baby Settings" (or w/e the name might be), still odd that they inject marketing in your views... oh wait. no, it isn't

Re: Work, That would be NSFW at "best" and argument inducing at worst.
Re: Home, Nuddy pictures splashing up rarely end up in great endings...

Err. so. no. bad idea.

Also that contrast picture is shocking. looking at my Touch and KK side-by-side I would say the touch is actually better for "black" blacks but the lighter background could be affecting my judgement.

gmail looks near identical on both, the Touch takes it by a hair I would guess.

Thanks for the great (well, terrible) pics.
I purchased a Kindle Paperwhite for my 8 year old daughter who is a book fiend and found the parental controls to be excellent. As she has no need to purchase books I've simply removed that feature so shes not browsing the Amazon Kindle store. Easy, peazy.

I do agree though, that content could be a little better thought out from Amazon's end and maybe in that particular instance a replacement title cover would be appropriate? Especially where people could take offence ie. cover with crotch shot.
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