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Originally Posted by Hopskinny View Post
I am successfully using v0.8.69 with WinXP Pro SP3 because it has the beta drivers for MTP (I have a Nexus 7).

However, the developer of Calibre has explicitly killed off support for those drivers with WinXP. Ergo, if you want to use the MTP drivers with XP, you can only go as far as v0.8.69. If the drivers are of no interest to you, you can use any version beyond that.

I have never had any problems with any version of Calibre with XP Pro SP3 until the issue arose with the MTP drivers. My experience and that of the earlier posters in your thread suggests you may be asking the wrong question. It isn't a matter of going back to find a working version - rather there seems to be something wrong with the installation on your XP PC.
Thank you very much. I'll look into this MTP drivers thing.
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