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Originally Posted by gosmo View Post
Amazons attitude has definitely changed from the last time I called for a replacement, last Saturday. I called last Sat. and got a projected delivery date of Nov. 15th. That Monday (Columbus Day) I got a call for a nice lady saying they upgraded me to overnight shipping and it arrived Wednesday. Then I called today (same issues on replacement) and they are sending another ASAP, without needing the nice lady to expedite things.

Like I said on my Amazon review, Amazon needs to send out survey emails to everyone who ordered with clear real world pictures of a good Paperwhite and a defective Paperwhite for easy comparison. At least I got a extra USB cable this time around for all the gas and packaging tape I wasted returning Kindles!
That's true, that would be a nice thing to do for Amazon. I think that if they did that, though, they would be replacing it for many people who don't care enough to contact CS.

Also, so far this issue has been missed by the media/tech blogs... I think a mass email to PW owners would change that and draw attention to this QC issue.
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