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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
At this point, I am fed up with them. You are welcome to beat your head against the brick wall of their indifference, I wish you the best of luck.
Understood. I have avoided Kindle up to now in favor of devices like the Sony 500 & 505 (hacked to add features like the clock of course ) for many years. I really dislike this attitude and their avoidance of the ePub standard. I would suggest that rather than not caring, they do care and consider it a feature that they reduce the experience of people who don't do things exactly the way they want us to (buy all our books from them vice other great alternatives like Fictionwise).

The irony is that the effort you put into reverse engineering their software and book formats is what makes it possible for me to switch. You have poked a hole in their "walled garden" that is big enough to allow me through. I get that I won't get everything I want (e.g. the cover issues and proper management of collections) but I really like their new PW front lit hardware & magnetic cover combination (they have come a long way from that strange looking first Kindle). I can buy books where I want and still get them on the Kindle with a relatively small effort.

Appreciate all you have done for eBook reading!

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