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How can I make the text the same size in Calibre.

Hey guys, I've searched for this answer here and in Google, but unfortunately unable to find an answer.

I download many books from many sources. Sometimes the text size differs from page to page or even in the same page. As you can imagine it's a tad frustrating. I've used Calibre to change the fonts by using a custom CSS file. But, it changes the font style OK, but the size of text still differs at random. Any idea how I could convert it to use it to change all of the text in a book to the same size? I've looked at the 'Font Size Key' parameters but it seems to have no effect either.

My devise is a Sony PRS-650, though I've just pre-ordered a Kindle Paperwhite, not sure if the problem will be the same for that device.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions....
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