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Installation in Linux Mint problem

Till one week ago I was a Calibre user in Windows 7. Last week I decided to install Linux Mint 13 Maya and I proceed to install Calibre using Software Manager. Noticing that it was an old version I installed Calibre 0.9.1 from the official page. As you can imagine at that moment I've got two different Calibre and both are fine. Trying to correct the situation I didn't like at all I remove both and made a new installation of last version (0.9.1). Well, now my big problem:
- Calibre install without any error
- When I run it in Terminal Mode it shows in a small window and in Terminal I get the following message - "Error: Unable to open ~/.mtpz-data for reading."
I hope you can understand my problem - English is not my native language - and please help me so I can go on using Calibre.
Thanks in advance.
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