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Originally Posted by Tugger View Post
If you actually buy one of the books with the problem and download it onto a Kindle 3 (=Kindle Keyboard), does it then have the problem or not? (The preview systems cannot be trusted and there is a theory that KDP actually fixes the problem for us.)
Hi Tugger, since I last posted, I find that the problem was my mistake.

I'm making two files for the same book: an EPUB and a mobi. As you know, there are various things you have to do different in the EPUB if you're going to be KindleGening it. I hadn't kept proper tabs on where I was at with the different versions, and found that I hadn't included my toc.xhtml in the .ncx <navMap> of my That's why Go-to-Beginning took me to the closest point in the <navMap> that the Kindle could find, i.e. the end of the previous file.

Once the <navMap> properly matched the <guide> entries, everything was fine. (With over 60 files in my navMap, renumbering was a pain in the ass though!)
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