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Kindle Paperwhite Review

I got mine the other day, I live in NZ and had it imported because Amazon won't sell them here yet. No worries, its still the same beast.

Before this I've had a K3KB3G since they came out and I love that one. One of my best experiences with this one was being on a train from Vienna to Prague, buying an English newspaper and reading it less than 3 minutes later. I've travelled in several countries where English is not the first language or even part of the picture and I really congratulated myself on buying the 3G model. I use an Energizer Book Light ( I've tried heaps of lights on the K3 and this is by far the best.

I also previously bought a K4 touchscreen but gave it away a week later, the less said about that model the better!

Now, to the PW...Initially I had lots of problems getting anything to show on it. I downloaded some books I had previously bought from Amazon and yet my home screen remained empty. I searched for the author name of one of the downloaded books and I'd get that but I also got a list of unindexed books? wtf?

So I did a Reset then tried manually loading books with the exact same result.

I did another Reset then I tried the Send To Kindle thing and emailed myself a book and that worked!.

Once I had one on the home screen it appeared that I could load others either manuallly or from the cloud and they all appeared instantly. Since then all is fine. I think I went through about 4 Resets before it worked properly. I must admit I was almost ready to send it back.

I did a daylight comparison between my K3 and my PW (light off) and saw no noticeable difference at all. I tried going out into the bright sunshine and they were identical. It was only with the PW with the light on that I saw any difference. Make of that what you will and try for yourself when you get yours.

The touchscreen on the PW is brilliant, especially when compared to the K4. It is precise and responsive. The menu system is easy to navigate and I had no problems but I don't know what this would be like for someone new to Kindles.

I read a book that night and then I really appreciated the light. I found to my surprise that I turned the light down real low and found it very easy to read. You could certainly lay beside someone else without disturbing them. I could instantly see why the light is a big deal. If you never read at night then you'll never see what the fuss is about.

I could see what people were talking about with the light being not "exactly" even across the screen but once you actually read it is not noticeable and if it is then you need to read better books

One last thing, I bought the Ad supported model and I'd really recommend anyone to NOT do that, the ads take up a lot of the screen space. I also read of someone who later paid the extra dollars and had the ads removed but they said it still shows recommendations across the bottom of the screen(?). If you can afford to then don't go there.

Overall, I quite like it. Will I switch from my trusty K3? I'm not sure yet.
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