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ONYX BOOX i62HD Firefly considerations

Hello everyone,

New to the forums, and considering my first ereader.
Since where I live there are no options for buying locally, or physically checking them before, the only source of information are the forums.

Seriously considering the ONYX BOOX i62HD Firefly because of:

1. frontlight (same technology as GLO and PW?)
2. Physical buttons for page turn
3. SDCARD expansion + 8gb internal
4. Support for all unprotected formats I can think of and some..
5. Audio features

What i am concerned for:

1. Build quality of the e-ink screen (both GLO and PW seem to have issues)
2. Touchscreen is glass (updated) (need to know how easily is to accidentally break it)
3. Software. Is it good? Will it crash more than not? Will we have software updates on a regular bases (if needed).. I know that Booxtor provides excellent support, but without him we are left in the cold?
4. frontlight uniformity.. How can we expect it to be?
5. A bit on the heavy side 250gr.
6. Bad pixel policy? (really the best if tested before shipping)

Since I will definitely purchase it from:

Maybe if Booxtor, or anyone with more info would be so kind as to elaborate where possible on the above it would mean a lot to me.

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