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Originally Posted by dwig View Post
To tell if there is a background indexing process ongoing you simply do a Search from the Home screen, searching for some unfindable string (e.g. "qwqwqw", ...). The Kindle will, after a pause, report the number of hits (zero in this case) and will note the number of as yet unindexed documents.
This was the result that I received:
Search Results: All 0 Items
No Items
There was no mention of any unindexed documents nor was there something along the lines of "0 unindexed documents". I conclude that I don't have any unindexed documents on my Kindle.

Originally Posted by NiLuJe View Post
Put the linkjail folder from the latest version back on your Kindle manually. Restart your Kindle. Uninstall your stuff.
You said to "put the linkjail folder back". I never had the folder on my Kindle in the first place (as far as I know) but I put it on there now and followed your suggestion. The result, unfortunately, stays the same: U007.

Originally Posted by NiLuJe View Post
If the official update still fails after that, (which wouldn't surprise me given the crap^Wstuff you had installed), check the logs (;dumpMessages) right after the official update.
The log ;dumpMessages created is 1.5mb big. I found a repeating line "Battery sufficient for update (43%)" and cut at the second-to-last instance of that line, which should be the last 2 updates that I tried (uninstall the jailbreak and install 3.4). I hope this helps.
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