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Paranormal debut, Redlisted!

From Oct. 11th-15th, Redlisted will be FREE for download!

Kate wakes from a gunshot wound to find herself dependent on the blood
of the man who shot her. She can't remember who she is and her own
face in the mirror is unfamiliar. As she tries to unravel the mystery
of her own identity, she's swept along on a covert mission she barely

Revenants, a vampiric race of post-mortals, maneuver for power in the
world of plastic surgery, internet conspiracy theories, and
information-stifling media conglomerates. Those who can control dream
and memory muddy the waters as the mission converges on a underground
bunker and the key to a source of eldritch power. Kate must uncover
her past and tease apart clues to her companions' urgent mission so
she can take a stand before it's too late to act.

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UK Amazon:
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