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Originally Posted by chaley View Post
When you press the "read" button in CC's book details, or long-press on a book when not connected to the content server, a dialog will open offering all the installed apps that say they can open the book. There is a checkbox in that dialog that tells CC to remember your selection. There is a menu line that tells CC to forget all remembered defaults.
When I select "read" I get a popup box that says:

Can't open directly
No reader apps answered our "Who can open this book?" call. However, some readers do not play so nicely with other apps and we can't launch them directly. You'll have to start the reader app yourself.

See our FAQ on how to make sure the other app will be able to find your books.
As such, I'm thinking that I should read that as my installed ebook apps (which are limited, I'll admit) are not compatible with Calibre Companion, in this way?

If so, might I suggest editing the above message to make that point clearer? I thought I had missed some "options menu" somewhere or something.

I'll give some of those reading apps a try. Thanks!
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