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Originally Posted by Mrs_Often View Post
I'm sorry you're having such a horrible experience. That's just not nice at all. New things should be fun and work right away. Very dangerous if it doesn't, as, like what happened with you, it puts the user off and creates distrust in the device.

As for the font issue, have you tried the other fonts? Does it happen with all the fonts? Does it always happen in the same area of the screen (I can't see it very well on your second picture), or does that vary? And, does it happen to all books or just the one example?

If it happens with everything everywhere it's probably the device. I haven't read or heard anyone else have this issue, so in my opinion it would be worth giving the Kobo Glo another chance by exchanging it. Your device is faulty, it's hardly fair to swear off the Glo completely because you were unlucky enough to receive a broken one. Having said that, I do understand your frustration and wanting to stay on the safe side. Good luck.

UPDATE: Book.p, a similar font thickness issue has been reported in the link below. Advice given was to try and set page refresh from 6 to 1 (from within advanced settings in the book menu).
I tried most of the fonts, and the issue appears in all of them. Caecilia and Georgia seem to be the best. The fading can vary throughout the whole screen, but the worst examples appear on the top and bottom of the screen. It happens in all of the books I've tried, but with varying degrees of fading.

If it wasn't for the font/e-ink issues, I would be incredibly happy with my Glo. I have poor eyesight in one eye that gets worse at night, and the light makes such a difference. I can't read without my glasses, and unfortunately my glasses only enlarge the font issues.

I changed the page refresh to one, and it hasn't made a huge difference. If others haven't had any of these issues, then I would agree most likely my device is faulty.

I'll have to check that the store would allow me to check a replacement in-store. Thanks for all the help!
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