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[QUOTE=e-ink;2258102]First I'd re-format the SDCard or try another one to see if that solves the issue.


I did, and then copied OS Firmware from rupor-rescue onto the SD-card, booted with HOME and MENU (USB connected) and magically, Windows showed an unknown device - after copying gserial.inf into Windows' .inf-folder, I even managed to get a COM Port which now I can adress with Putty.
I can see the T1 partitions, I could even test-save the T1's image (using Roadkil's DiskImage).


Now from here: I'm not sure what to do. I imagine that it should be possible to simply copy some healthy image (update.img) back onto the reader (using again Diskimage) and voilà.

But somehow I doubt this can work.
The T1's image is 1,8 GByte, the rescue image has barely 400 MByte.

I typed 'root'
'chgboot recovery && reboot'

then Putty disconnected and I don't remember clearly what happened next

But I can now boot the T1 with the recovery image on the sd-card.
Now the orange light keeps flashing for more than 20 mins
Nothing else happens

Getting impatient,
I press RESET
then I press the ON button,
the T1 reboots, but eventually halts while displaying the circling arrows.

Do I need to repartition something?
I only want achieve a 'hard reset' - so that I can screw up the T1 once more …………

Many thanks for your help!
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