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help with template code for custom column

I'm trying to set up a composite custom column (built from Calibre's tags column), but I'm having trouble with the template code.

I have a custom column #koboshelves that is used to populate shelves on my Kobo Touch (via the Kobo device driver). I have dozens of tags, but I only want to use a few to populate #koboshelves.

I have the following #koboshelves:
Fantasy & SciFi
Historical Fiction

I'd like books containing these tags to autofill #koboshelves:
fantasy (add to Fantasy & SciFi shelf)
historical (add to Historical Fiction shelf)
middle-grade (add to Middle-Grade shelf)
scifi (add to Fantasy & SciFi shelf)

Example: A book tagged 'classics, france, historical, middle-grade' would add 'Historical Fiction, Middle-Grade' to #koboshelf.

It's easy to get a single tag to work:
{tags:contains(historical, Historical Fiction,)}
Unfortunately, I can't get multiple tags to work. Clearly I do not have a gift for this language. I'd be most grateful for some guidance.
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